Breakfast time in our house can be a little bit ridiculous! We often eat overnight oats, porridge or ‘cold’ porridge, quinoa.. and this is the ridiculous part: The kids and I choose toppings from a range of stuff in the cupboard: nuts, LSA, fruit (fresh and frozen), seeds, yoghurt.. its like a buffet!

The point is… breakfast doesn’t have to come from a box from an aisle in the supermarket (the contents of these boxes are usually stripped of all their goodness, processed, synthetic ‘goodness’ added back in, topped with sugar and off they go), or the usual toast and tea! Breakfast does not have to be boring, and I’ve found the perfect recipes to prove it.

So shake off the sleepy head, and get ready to tuck into these amazing recipes from amazing people all across the web:

1. Gluten Free Paleo Muesli

gluten-free-muesli.jpgQueen of the Muesli, Luanne from Olivio Health & Nutrition shares her deliciously nutty and seedy muesli. Pair with a creamy thick greek yoghurt or some fresh fruit like banana and berries!

Click HERE for the recipe and while you are there, grab her FREE Recipe eBook!

2. Bacon and Egg Cup Cakes


Well, we all need a little bacon and egg for breakfast don’t we? Just LOOK at these little pops of golden perfection!
These little delights from Mel @Melt Kitchen are perfect to be made ahead, perfect for a quick brekkie AND perfect for lunchboxes (win-win) You can opt for nitratefree bacon, which is becoming more and more available.

Super simple recipe HERE

3. Choc Chia Puddings

Choc Chia Puddings are classic in theirChia pudding with a sprinkling of nuts served with yogurt topped with blueberries. own right. You can have these babies for breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in between!

Super easy to make, and Anita’s blended version resembles chocolate mousse! Top with delicious summer strawberries, banana, a little LSA for morning glory! Check it out here

4. Quinoa Porridge


Quinoa is so easy to cook, and although it takes longer then oat porridge, this power seed is worth it! Christine from Love Thy Health has this super delicious gluten free and dairy free option can be found here.

Side note: Quinoa can also be enjoyed via the absorption method, using only water. (like rice)  I serve mine mixed with blueberries and a side of plain greek yoghurt, LSA, walnuts and banana.

Veggies for breakfast! Getting your daily minimum (yes minimum!) 5 serves of veg per day can be tricky, but including them in breakfast too, makes it much easier!

5. Gluten Free Almond and Zucchini Bread

Just LOOK at this delicious-ness! Chock full of nuts and seeds, zuchinni and eggs – this Bread makes an awesome breakfast, and the perfect mid morning or afternoon snack too!

Get the recipe here from Melt Kitchen

6. Easy Veggie Fritters – Naughty Naturopath Mum 


These little veggie fritters look so good! Click on the link below for the nacho version! Plus they would make a super delicious pairing with a yummy poached egg and  a side of nitrate free bacon don’t you think? Yum! Grab the recipe here


Untitled design.pngSmoothies are super easy option. Create little packs and pop them in the freezer! Fill them with:
Fruit – berries, banana, peaches, necatarines, avocado, papaya
Veg – Cucumber, spinach or kale, beetroot,
Herbs – Parsley, coriander, ginger, turmeric,
Flavours – cacao, maca powder, vanilla extract
Protein – oats, 100% Nut butters, chia seeds, buckwheat, sesame seeds

In the morning – tip your combo in to your blender, add ice or plain yoghurt or your milk choice and whizz it up!


Omlettes and frittatas are simple and can be quick to make:
Veg: grated carrot, grated sweet potato, broccolli, peas, corn, spinach, onion and mushrooms
Chuck them all in!!

You can also prepare you frittata ahead of time and reheat in the morning.

So many wonderful choices for breakfast! What are you serving over in your house?

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